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Anyone who has a problem remembering the key words they installed on the computer can find a solution in Passvord Viever. The program does not have to be installed and is free to use while it works from Internet Explorer and mobile applications to make it very flexible.

NeverDo not lose your password anymore

People who have forgotten their password and are trying to access their email account for other types of online accounts, open the password viewer and click on the hands icon. Then he will pull the icon of the handwriting of their key words and as if the magic was discovered. And ifthis can be a good thing for people to forget and means that they do not have to re-enter their passwords, it also increases the risk that these accounts can be earned if the computer or mobile phone remains unattended over a certain period of time.

Haci's password

In the end, the main advantage of the programPassword Viever is also a drawback. Because this program allows people to update the forgotten passwords so they do not have to install them, it also endangers security. The other person is too easy to access the computer that has installed this program and saw his password that makes itpasswords in front of useless.